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Welcome to, A site that dedicated to bring Honest, Trusted  Product Review for consumers. When we want to buy a product, especially a product from Internet, we always Wonder, Does it really work? Or Just it another garbage created by a scam artist?

We carefully researching from many online resources, especially the from REAL Customer reviews scattered from many website, blog, forum, any other source that can help you to decide your product purchases. We’ll write honest review – comparing the pros and cons in the products and cut down the hype. That way, customer can get insight if those product will actually work, is those product worth it, or is those products are a pure scam.

Bistro MD vs Diet To Go: Which one should we choose?

If you are getting so frustrated because of your unfit yet worse look overweight body, for sure, there are actually many people who also face the same problem. That often makes many of you getting the worse self confidence as well. That is why you need to find the solution for dealing with the problems of the overweight body. Having a better and healthier diet becomes one of the essential things to do. However, if you are too busy for making your own healthy diet menu every day, getting it from diet meal delivery is a good way. If you live in US and face such this problem, you might find Bistro MD and Diet to Go. Getting the information of Bistro MD vs Diet To Go will help you making a decision which one is suitable for you the most. Both of them are the best ones in US and nationwide that also offers to help you losing your weight in a week. You can go ordering the meals online.

Bistro MD Pros and Cons

bistromd Bistro MD vs Diet To Go: Which one should we choose?

For Bistro MD vs Diet To Go, there are some pros and cons of the Bistro MD. For the pros, the meals provided by Bistro MD offers a bunch of choices of the combinations of the meals that would not make you getting bored. They are also designed and arranged by doctor. That means the nutrition and calories have been planned well. For the newbie or first timers they offer the free sample and also free shipping cost. What about the cons then? Besides the special offer, Bistro MD is more costly than Diet to Go, besides of that, they only gives the delivery service on to particular areas only in US.

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Diet to Go Pros and Cons

diet to go logo Bistro MD vs Diet To Go: Which one should we choose?

Regarding to the Bistro MD vs Diet To Go, we also need to know the pros and cons of Diet to Go. As we have said before, Diet to Go is much cheaper than Bistro MD. They also offer the free analysis of diet for you so that it will be totally helpful for you on getting an effective diet. For the cons of Diet to Go, you will get charged of the delivery services. As like Bistro MD, Diet to Go also only offers the service to some particular areas only in US.

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BistroMD vs diet to go Bistro MD vs Diet To Go: Which one should we choose?

So, which one is the best between Bistro MD vs Diet To Go? If you concern to the plan of the diet and also the various tastes that you will enjoy, perhaps Bistro MD is such a good idea and you will also enjoy the free sample and shipping for your first time order there. However, if your main concern is about the price, you can simply choose Diet to Go with a bunch of choices for promo coupons as well.

Does Green lipped Mussel work to relief arthritis?

Does Green lipped Mussel work to relief arthritis for dog and human?

New Zealand GReen lipped mussel Does Green lipped Mussel work to relief arthritis?

People who suffer from joint paint, inflammation and arthritis often seeks alternative medicine to relief those symptoms, because the prescription medication has many side effect if used in long term such as possibility of heart attack and strokes.

The most popular natural alternative medicine to treat arthritis is green lipped mussel. It’s become popular because simply green lipped mussel does really work to relief arthritis symptoms. Moreover, not only human who can get the benefit of green lipped mussel’s effectiveness, green lipped mussel can be used in dogs, cats, even horse who have arthritis problem

Is green lipped mussel safe for dogs?

Until this article was written, there are not reported dangerous and harmful side effect like chemical medicine does. Sure, there are some possible minor side effect like there will be more bowel movement and frequent urination in dogs, and people who are allergy to seafood should avoid green lipped mussel at any cost because it could trigger the allergy symptoms. However, nothing serious and it’s still safer than prescription medicine.

For more information about green lipped mussel information, benefits, side effects, especially for dogs please check out

Where can I get the best green lipped mussel to treat arthritis

maxalife green lipped mussel Does Green lipped Mussel work to relief arthritis?

There are several company who offer green lipped mussel, however only few company offer high quality green lipped mussel extract than have 100% nutrients. Most company use high heating process and froze the mussel to store and transport them to the factory (especially if the factory is far from where the green lipped mussel is harvested) that will damage up to 90% of the nutrition.

The green lipped mussel we personally use and recommend is Maxalife green lipped mussel. They processed the mussel almost immediately after harvesting the mussel to give you the freshest green lipped mussel ever. For heating process, they use low heating technique in very short time to lock the nutrition so you will get the same benefit as eating raw mussel

For more info why we love Maxalife green lipped mussel, click here

Does Argireline really work?

dr oz argireline Does Argireline really work?

Argireline cream on Dr Oz Show

Argireline become popular after Dr Oz recommend Argireline in his show to combat crow’s feet in your eye, thus help make your face looks younger. Dr Oz suggest the volunteer in his show to use cream or serum with Argireline twice a day and if she apply it according Dr Oz recommendation, she will looks lots younger.

Please be noted that Dr Oz never mentioned any brand in his show. However after I take some research, I found out that the best Argireline serum in market is Elite Serum, because there are lots of people using it and they found that the product is really work

Click here to visit Elite Serum website


Read Elite Serum review and comparison to other Argireline cream here

Why I recommend Elite Serum as the best argireline cream

After do extensive research, I can only find one brand that worth to recommend: Elite Serum. the price is a bit higher, it priced USD $89 for a tube but this product is the only one that proved really work by real users. I have provide the real review taken from youtube in video below.

PS: If you feels USD $89 is really high, you can sign up for their subscription plan, so you only need to pay USD $59 a month/1 tube of serum. Or if you have some friends who interested in Elite serum, buy more and for limited time only, get huge discount of Elite Serum with Free Delivery for order more than USD $200

Eliteserum discount Does Argireline really work?

visit merchant site Does Argireline really work?

Proof that Agireline does really work

Rather than saying with some theories why argireline work, I think it’s better to just give you real testimonials and real reviews from Elite serum users. Elite serum’s key ingredients is argireline along with another powerful active ingredients. Here is some testimonials:

1. Ellen’s Elite Serum review

In this video Kyle have just using elite serum for 4 days and she has noticed that her eye’s dark circle reduced and the serum fills in deep wrinkles. She also reported that it elite serum firms her sagging lids (so, for people who think that argireline will cause sagging, it’s absolutely not true). And overall she’s happy with the result.

2. Valerie’s Elite Serum reviews

Valerie is a 49 years old lady who tried Elite serum. Her skin is a bit saggy because of aging, but if you take closer in her eyes, her eyes looks really firm and doesn’t have many visible wrinkles.

For more video proof, I recommend you to check out Elite Serum Youtube channel of just visit Elite Serum official page for more info:

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Does Breathslim really work?

breathslim provlov Does Breathslim really work?

Breathslim review : Does Breathslim really works?

In their website, Breathslim offer something that’s seems too good to be be true : Lose weight with Breathing! Wait: Breathing?? That’s true and scientifically proven: Breathing using the RIGHT method really does help to lose weight! If you have seen people who doing Pilates or Yoga, you might wonder HOW those low impact exercise can make people lose weight. The secret is the breathing exercise. With breathslim, you can train your breath and lose weight without Yoga or Pilates.

However, don’t expect your body will slim down overnight. Training breath with breathslim still needs works and discipline to learn the right breathing techniques. But at least you don’t need to workout like crazy and full of sweat – a plus point of this product. With breathslim, you will get Long term result – something much better than short term and yoyo diet that will only make your weight bounce back after finishing the program.

How Does Breathslim works?

To get the idea how breathslim works, just watch the video above.

Ok, here the summary about How Breathslim works:

  1. Body needs Oxygen to burn fat
  2. However, most people not getting enough Oxygen
  3. Train with breathslim: deeper breath, more oxygen, larger lung capacity

PS: I also create Breathslim reviews powerpoint below, so you get better idea how Breathslim help people lose weight.

Get BreatSlim for Only USD $49.95! (instead of USD $59.95)

visit merchant site Does Breathslim really work?

Before and After Breathslim

Here is the illustration of before and after exercise with breathslim:

how does breathslim works Does Breathslim really work?

After breathing by breathslim, your body fat is reduced and your lung capacity increased. It means, more oxygen flowed in your body and it burns more fat, get more energy and your body’s metabolism is increased too!

Here is before and after pictures of breathslim users:

breathslim before after photos Does Breathslim really work?

breathslim before after pictures Does Breathslim really work?

Breathslim Price

breath slim Does Breathslim really work?

Unlike most diet method like pills that very costly, using breathslim won’t break your bank. With only USD $ 59.95,you will get Breathslim Breathing device and instructional video about how to lose weight by exercising your breath. Those Breathing video is the most valuable product, because you won’t find it in other place. There is similar products like breathslim, it’s called Frolov respiration device theraphy. However, Frolov is not intended for weigthloss (Frolov breathing device is made for asthma theraphy) and it priced much higher than breathslim: about USD$99 WITHOUT instructional video.

FOR Limited Time Only, get BreatSlim for Only USD $49.95! (instead of USD $59.95)

visit merchant site Does Breathslim really work?

Does LiBrow really works

librow amateur photo Does LiBrow really works

LiBrow reviews – Does LiBrow really works?

—Breaking News—

Lilash and Librowis not sale on US anymore. However, I found better product than Lilash that will help you to grow your eyelash: Idol Lash. To learn more about Idol lash, check out their official website. Every link in this site about Lilash and librow will be redirected to Idol Lash Website

Do you want to know does LiBrow really work to make brow longer? Based on many reviews by beauty bloggers, LiBrow does really work. There are many girls that happy with LiBrow because they get longer, darker, and more beautiful brow than before. Check here for collection of LiBrow before and after pictures. Those are the real before and after pictures taken by customers and Beauty bloggers. I also have made presentation slide about LiBrow reviews here:


Because of LiBrow and Lilash’s success, there are many irresponsible people who only care with profits and Sell COUNTERFEIT LiBrow products. I must admit, LiBrow is a bit expensive, about USD$ 137. If you happen to find seller who sell lower than that price, their is HUGE chance that the product is counterfeit!


During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Get Lilash and LiBrow with only USD $99 each or both for USD $149.95!

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visit merchant site Does LiBrow really works

PS: Only Official site have 90 day money back guarantee and Free Shipping!

Librow reviews from Beauty Bloggers

Here is some LiBrow review by beauty bloggers. They also shared before after photos too!

1. Glamouroxx (source)

librow result before and after Does LiBrow really works

Glamouroxx is really satisfied with her LiBrow result. In two weeks,there are some baby hair grow in her brow. After several months, she got dark, smooth, and sexy eyebrow she always dreamed on. Even some people said that after stopped using LiBrow and Lilash the grow is stopped, it’s doesn’t happen in Glamorouxx. She stopped using LiBrow for one year and the eyebrow is still beautiful – just like when she used LiBrow

2. BeautyRave (source)

before and after librow photos 2 months Does LiBrow really works

Owner of Beautyrave also tried Librow and she admit it does really work. However, in her case it took 2 months to see the growth. Just like other products, every products works differently of every people. The gowth time and result may vary, but if you use according direction, LiBrow does really works.

visit merchant site Does LiBrow really works

Lilash Before and After Photos

Lilash Before and After Photos – Best Eyelash growth stimulator product

After writing review about Librow before and after pictures, now let’s talk about Librow’s successful Eyelash growth product. There are lots of review talking about Lilash review, so now I don’t write review, just provide proof of Lilash result found on internet.

—Breaking News—

Lilash and Librowis not sale on US anymore. However, I found better product than Lilash that will help you to grow your eyelash: Idol Lash. To learn more about Idol lash, check out their official website. Every link in this site about Lilash and librow will be redirected to Idol Lash Website


Nowadays, there are lots of Lilash and Librow Counterfeit that sold in lower price. Lilash priced at USD $137, it’s a bit expensive, but believe me it’s worth the money! So, make sure to buy on Lilash official site to get FREE SHIPPING and 90 day Money Back Guarantee


During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Get Lilash and LiBrow with only USD $99 each or both for USD $149.95!

Go to Lilash Official site and Activate Discount

Lilash Before and After photo summary

Like usual, I create powerpoint template for people who need quick look. Enjoy!

Now let’s start with Lilash Before and after Photos

lilash before after photos Lilash Before and After Photos

Another Lilash Eyelash stimulator Growth result

lilash before and after pictures Lilash Before and After Photos

Lilash definitely the Best Lash growth product evah!

lilash before after pics Lilash Before and After Photos

Disclaimer: Result may vary for everyone, and by reading this article you agree with our Disclosure policy regarding testimonial usage.

Lilash Result

Just like the picture above, Lilash give pretty significant result for the user. The eyelash become longer and it looks like the eyelash grow into longer and sexier form! Just like LiBrow, Lilash eyelash serum actually not promoting growth, but it enhance it by fortify and condition the lash follicles. But no matter how the theory is, Lilash actually make our lash thicker, prettier, and looks longer as it really promote growth. No wonder Lilash become the Best Eyelash Growth Serum produt ever!

Beware of Lilash Counterfeit in the Market! Always buy from Lilash official site

Visit Lilash Official site and Activate Free Shipping Offer!

Librow Before and After Pictures – Real customer Photos

Thinking about purchasing Librow Eyegrowth stimulator and seeking LiBrow Before and After Pictures? Does LiBrow really work? Then you find it here! I searched for some Librow before and after pics in internet, compiled it and put it here! LiBrow is relatively new product, so the review and before after photos is not as much as her sister, Lilash. However, I found out that there are LOTS of people who satisfied with LiBrow and I’m thinking to purchase it as well. For now, let’s see the result of people who using Librow

If you interested purchasing Librow, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to buy through LiBrow as there are many counterfeit products in the market due to the success of Lilash and Librow Eyebrow serum. Only in Official site you can get 90 day Money Back Guarantee too!

Special Black Friday and Cyber monday Promotion

From 12:00 a.m., Black Friday, November 23rd through 11:59 p.m. and Cyber Monday, November 26th: LiLash and LiBrow products are only $99 each, and the LiLash + LiBrow Combo is only $149.95! Make sure to take advantage of this promotion!!

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LiBrow Before and after Summary

LiBrow Before and After Photos

before and after librow pictures Librow Before and After Pictures   Real customer Photos

Another LiBrow before and after Pictures

librow result before and after Librow Before and After Pictures   Real customer Photos

Another LiBrow Eyegrowth stimulator Pics

before after librow pics Librow Before and After Pictures   Real customer Photos

Disclaimer: Result is not typical, please refer to our Disclosure policy regarding testimonial use.

How LiBrow works? Does LiBrow Really Work?

Curious how LiBrow works? Here is how LiBrow works!

  • Actually, LiBrow doesn’t stimulate EyeBrow growth, it fortify your brow folllicles and darken the shades of your brow by 1-2 shades
  • LiBrow use unique serum and tinting formula to darken and enhance your brow, so you can say good bye to those eyebrow pencil
  • As result: Darker and sexier brow just like the LiBrow before and after photos above!

What is LiBrow ingredients

Actually the ingredients written in LiLash official site, in FAQ section. But in case you haven’t found it, here is the full ingredients list

Water/Agua/Eau, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Krameria Triandra Root Extract, Sarothamnus Scorparius Extract, Juglans Regin (Walnut Leaf) Extract, Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Extract, Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Panthenol, Isopropanol Phenylhydroxypentene Dihydroxycyclopentylheptenate, Saccharomyces Copper Ferment, Saccharomyces Manganese Ferment, Saccharomyces Zinc Ferment, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Chlorphenesin, Silica, Caprylyl Glycol.

Where to buy Geniune LiBrow?

Of course you have to purchase it through LiLash Official site. The official price is USD 137, so beware to product below that price, it could be a counterfeit product!!

Attention!! Lilash and LiBrow both have CRAZY DEAL during Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Get Lilash or LiBrow at $99 each OR get both with only $149.95! Never miss this great deal!

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Striiv vs Fitbit Review

Striiv vs Fitbit: Which one we should choose?

Striiv vs fitbit Striiv vs Fitbit Review

(Image source)

2012 seems to be a smart pedometer year, where there are several companies released many choice of Smart Pedometer – A pedometer that doesn’t only count steps, but also included social feature to compete achievement with friends, Online dashboard, some of them even can track sleep pattern and the other one will give donation for every miles you achieve!

Till now, there are two popular brand for Smart Pedometer, Striiv and Fitbit. In this article I will compare Striiv vs Fitbit, writing both Striiv reviews and Fitbit Reviews as well, comparing pros and cons between those pedometers.

Special Holiday Discount!!!

Striiv just released special Coupon code for Holiday! Get $10 off and Free shipping with FR2SH12 Coupon code! Use special Link to activate the code

Striiv vs Fitbit Summary

If you don’t have time to read comprehensive review, then you I have created short and simple review in Powerpoin and uploaded it at Slideshare.

What Striiv and Fitbit has in Common?

  • Same price, it priced about USD 99
  • Both have pretty accurate tracking abilities
  • They don’t only tracking gadget, they do a good job to motivate people to walk more and losing weight
  • Integrated with Social feature to share your result/achievement with friends
  • Both Fitbit and Striiv user enjoy it and lose weight since the first day using it

Fitbit Ultra Reviews (Official Site)

fitbit ultra small size 300x184 Striiv vs Fitbit Review

Now, let’s take a look at Fitbit Ultra, a smart pedometer from Fitbit. This product Has been around longer than Fitbit so there are lots of people using it. Here is review of Fitbit Ultra:

Here is the pros and cons for Fitbit as the part of Fitbit Reviews


  • Small and Lightweight
  • Has ability to track your sleep pattern: How many times you wake up, giving insight about your sleep quality in one night
  • Has (MFP) compatibility, you can share your result with your MFP friends


  • Too small, can be lost easily. There are lots of folks who lost in when running and don’t even realize it!
  • Need to pay USD 79 yearly fee in order to get full feature of Online Dashboard

Striiv Reviews (Official Site)

Striiv (read: strive) is newer and only few people using it. Compared to Fitbit, Striiv done better job to motivate people by adding gamification feature – you will feel like playing video game in real life. They have pretty damn good system: You can set your own goal, get encouragement, and the most innovative reward is: You will give donation for a cause as you walk! For example, every 60.000 steps you can convert your point to give polio vaccine , and for every 18.000 steps you can choose to give clean water in Africa.

Striiv review games Striiv vs Fitbit Review

Not only that, this little device will inform you how much your walk with a beautiful and engaging visual, For example, when you walk about 1.7 miles, they will notice that your steps is equivalent to Golden Gate Bridge. There are also a mini game that allow you to build Islands based on your steps. The more you walk, you can purchase more islands, more livestocks, and even find a treasure buried in the Island!

Ok, enough with the rambles, now here is Striiv pros and cons as part of my Striiv Pedometer Reviews


  • Visually engaging and appealing with full color touch screen led
  • A really fun, interactive motivational system that make you want to walk more, and and lose more weight!
  • You can compete your walking with nearby friend with Infra Red Build in feature. Remind me with Tamagotchi system where you can battle your animal with your friend’s
  • You also walking for a cause, as you walk, you can convert your steps to donation at your choice


  • The gadget is too big for some people. But the good thing, you will notice immediately when you’re dropping it

Go to Stiiv Official site and Use FR2SHP12 to Get Free Shipping of Striiv purchase in checkout!

Go to Fitbit Official Site and Get Free Shipping – No coupon needed!

To find out which is the winner: Striiv or Fitbit Pedometer, let’s check out the 2nd page!

Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Does Breast Actives Really Work for Me?

breast active products Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Does Breast Actives Really work, or just another internet scam? In the article below, I will write comprehensive Breast actives review, including their Breast Actives Ingredients,  several before after pictures, and side effects of breast actives. If you decide to buy this product, I also gathered the breast actives coupon that you can use to save money.

The Pros

There are many success stories (Check out Before after picture below)
Using FDA Approved ingredients
Enhance breast with Pills (from inside) and Cream (from outside) so, the chance of getting bigger breast is doubled!

The Cons

  • Price is a bit higher
  • Need some time (about 6 month) to create PERMANENT result!

The Price

Breast Actives Pills and cream cost USD 59.95 for one month Supply. However, for better result, you should try at least 6 months usage of Breast Actives cream and Pills to be taken consistent everyday (Check The before after picture below and how to achieve it). It might sounds so expensive if you buy for a month, however, if you buy 4 month supply, you will get 2 month supply for free and if you buy 3 month supply you will get 1 month supply for Free! For 6 months supply, you only need to spend USD$ 239.95 – Equal to 33% Discount!

  • FREE 2 Month Supply of Breast Actives (With 4 month Supply Purchase) – Equal to 33% Discount!
  • FREE 1 Month Supply of Breast Actives (With 3 Month Supply Purchase) – Equal to 25% Discount!

visit merchant site Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Breast Actives Before After Pictures

Need live proof? Here is the Breast Actives before after pictures and photos taken from real users! By the way, please noted that by reading our article, you should also agree about our disclosure policy, especially regarding the relationship between our website and merchant, also the usage of testimonials, including this Breast Actives Before after photos.

breast actives before after Does Breast Actives Really Work?


(Click the photo to see more pictures)

The Picture above is Picture from Nicole from PublichealthForum). From the picture above, we can see that Nicole grow about 2 cups, which is AWESOME! Nicole had tried 4 different products and almost give up with breast enhancement. However, she tried breast actives anyway and it was a success! It was not an instant success, she stick with a routine that does actually work to improve her breast size:

  1. Use Breast Actives for 6 months, both Jars and the Cream. She said that using both pills and creams does give a huge difference
  2. Avoid Caffeine (including coffee, chocolate, sodas, tea, etc), as they can decrease breast size when using breast actives
  3. Eat food with high estrogen. She eat food with rich in garlic, parsley, grains, vegetables and drink fenugreek tea (fenugreek seed soaked in water for 5 hours) that has high estrogen
  4. Taking Breast Actives pills and cream at the same time everyday

visit merchant site Does Breast Actives Really Work?

breast actives result Does Breast Actives Really Work?

The second Breast Actives before and after photos (image source) is quite motivating too. The woman gained about 1-2 cups, and the breast looks more perkier and sexier than ever! The picture looks so natural, and the sagging breast become more fuller and firmer too. I bet the *unnamed* woman who post the picture does give breast feeding before using breast actives, and after they using it, the sagging breast all gone and she had much better and bigger breast.

breast actives before after pictures Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Now these third picture (image source:Advertiser Site) is taken from Breast Actives official website. From the picture, we can see that these girls gain about one cups. In my opinion, the result is not as significant as the first and second picture, but it still give us the hint if Breast Actives does really work!

visit merchant site Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Breast Actives Before After Video 

I found a girl who willing to share her experience using breast actives for about 2 months. She share the first and second month after using breast actives. She said that she gain a good result even it’s not really significant. Well, just see the video yourself icon smile Does Breast Actives Really Work?
1 Month After using Breast Actives

2 Months After using Breast Actives

Ok, now let’s flip to second page for some info about Breast Actives ingredients, side effects, and our Conclusion about breast actives.