Striiv vs Fitbit Review

Striiv vs Fitbit: Which one we should choose?

Striiv vs fitbit Striiv vs Fitbit Review

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2012 seems to be a smart pedometer year, where there are several companies released many choice of Smart Pedometer – A pedometer that doesn’t only count steps, but also included social feature to compete achievement with friends, Online dashboard, some of them even can track sleep pattern and the other one will give donation for every miles you achieve!

Till now, there are two popular brand for Smart Pedometer, Striiv and Fitbit. In this article I will compare Striiv vs Fitbit, writing both Striiv reviews and Fitbit Reviews as well, comparing pros and cons between those pedometers.

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Striiv vs Fitbit Summary

If you don’t have time to read comprehensive review, then you I have created short and simple review in Powerpoin and uploaded it at Slideshare.

What Striiv and Fitbit has in Common?

  • Same price, it priced about USD 99
  • Both have pretty accurate tracking abilities
  • They don’t only tracking gadget, they do a good job to motivate people to walk more and losing weight
  • Integrated with Social feature to share your result/achievement with friends
  • Both Fitbit and Striiv user enjoy it and lose weight since the first day using it

Fitbit Ultra Reviews (Official Site)

fitbit ultra small size 300x184 Striiv vs Fitbit Review

Now, let’s take a look at Fitbit Ultra, a smart pedometer from Fitbit. This product Has been around longer than Fitbit so there are lots of people using it. Here is review of Fitbit Ultra:

Here is the pros and cons for Fitbit as the part of Fitbit Reviews


  • Small and Lightweight
  • Has ability to track your sleep pattern: How many times you wake up, giving insight about your sleep quality in one night
  • Has (MFP) compatibility, you can share your result with your MFP friends


  • Too small, can be lost easily. There are lots of folks who lost in when running and don’t even realize it!
  • Need to pay USD 79 yearly fee in order to get full feature of Online Dashboard

Striiv Reviews (Official Site)

Striiv (read: strive) is newer and only few people using it. Compared to Fitbit, Striiv done better job to motivate people by adding gamification feature – you will feel like playing video game in real life. They have pretty damn good system: You can set your own goal, get encouragement, and the most innovative reward is: You will give donation for a cause as you walk! For example, every 60.000 steps you can convert your point to give polio vaccine , and for every 18.000 steps you can choose to give clean water in Africa.

Striiv review games Striiv vs Fitbit Review

Not only that, this little device will inform you how much your walk with a beautiful and engaging visual, For example, when you walk about 1.7 miles, they will notice that your steps is equivalent to Golden Gate Bridge. There are also a mini game that allow you to build Islands based on your steps. The more you walk, you can purchase more islands, more livestocks, and even find a treasure buried in the Island!

Ok, enough with the rambles, now here is Striiv pros and cons as part of my Striiv Pedometer Reviews


  • Visually engaging and appealing with full color touch screen led
  • A really fun, interactive motivational system that make you want to walk more, and and lose more weight!
  • You can compete your walking with nearby friend with Infra Red Build in feature. Remind me with Tamagotchi system where you can battle your animal with your friend’s
  • You also walking for a cause, as you walk, you can convert your steps to donation at your choice


  • The gadget is too big for some people. But the good thing, you will notice immediately when you’re dropping it

Go to Stiiv Official site and Use FR2SHP12 to Get Free Shipping of Striiv purchase in checkout!

Go to Fitbit Official Site and Get Free Shipping – No coupon needed!

To find out which is the winner: Striiv or Fitbit Pedometer, let’s check out the 2nd page!

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